About Us

Abhipraj Exports is the grower exporter company in nasik.We are producer/exporters of fresh fruits from INDIA since 1994 having an organization with a strong alliance of Global G.A.P. certified growers supplying consistently with the best quality of fresh fruits.

Who We Are

We are producer and exporter company having 25 wide years of experience in this field.

AbhiPraj Exports is a global trader of fresh grapes,pomegranates and other vegetables.Grapes are known as queen fruit of INDIA cultivating mainly in Maharashtra,the export quality grapes farming is around nashik zones and has farms network and packing facility at nashik .
AbhiPraj fruits comply with EU and UK norms and follows all the standard execution processes.Our infrastructure is equipped with state of art facilities from harvesting to supply chain.

Mainly exporting the fresh grapes Europe and UK market.
AbhiPraj and its team & founder(s) does highly-focused research and market analysis, drawing on forecasts and statistics from industry analysts and government statistics obtained through web/ editorial commentary covering the Fresh industry.

We don’t run behind quantity we run behind quality.

Our History

India 1994;Our Founder Mr. Dhananjay Mogal by profession who is a B.E. Mechanical Engineer , but having interest in the agriculture sector he started his own company.That was starting of new era in the country, it was introduction to new technology and a way of farming was changing rapidly.The farmers were practicing organic farming,at that time exports of fresh fruits and vegetables was introduced mainly to United Kingdom and European market,it was just an begining.Hardly 2 to 3 companies were in this field from India who did exports of fresh fruits to United Kingdom and European market.For the first time in 1995 we exported our first fresh table grapes shipment to United Kingdom.

After working hard and having experience of 25 years in this field and studying each and every season deeply, we know how the process works from farm level to quality fruits which is being packed and exported in our facility.

Being a grower /exporter having our own grapes farm and the fruit which is produced here are residue free and grapes cultivated here are of export quality following all the standard norms and farming is done using advanced technologies.As we know how much care of fruit is taken for the first stage till the fruit is harvested.