Our Methodology

We operate from the physiology that a company needs to have a certain scale to be taken in market, to get access to the right market information, to be a player of importance but on other hand we don’t not believe that our company is solely run by a some multinationals.

Personal attention remains one of the most important ingredients for good marketing. For that reason we are intentionally not one of the largest exporters from India. We are of that size whereby all the employees know each others  and what exactly is going on. We are of such size that we can keep our eye and stay in control on high efficiency. We are such a size that we can respond to the market changes rapidly, we believe that we all are available by means of communication the work becomes one large city. The market has become very transparent and because all the good- serious and intense information is being shared between grower/ exporter and importers all around the world.

Our Execution Cycle